Ass to Mouth Barbie for Twistys


Yesterday Aaliyah Love shot for Twistys and she shared this sexy picture which she mysteriously posted to her Twitter with a note reading, “Ass to mouth Barbie? I think so!:) #lovemyjob” I heard last night that Aaliyah got into all kinds of delicious trouble for Twistys and I for one can’t wait to see the results! Aaliyah will have all the Twistys content for her official site, cuz she always takes care of her members first!

Speaking of Aaliyah’s perfect ass … isn’t it just yummy? At her last members show Saturday night, she informed all of us that her ass is delicious and she takes real good care of it every day so it stays that way. She said it tastes like strawberries, and you know what? I believe her! If you want to see all of her dirty delicious pics and vids, you can see them only at her official site! If you want something a little more personal, you should see her on, the official webcam site of Aaliyah Love! If you’re like me and you just can’t get enough Aaliyah Love, the only option is BOTH!

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