What’s Up Doc?

Aaliyah Love has a tasty pussy, that much is well known! What you may not know is that sometimes Aaliyah likes to add a little extra flavor to her snacks … strawberries and carrots are her favorites … by stuffing them in her tight little pussy on camera! She’s such a dirty little girl, don’t you love it!

There’s even a show in her webcam archive on her site that will forever be known to everyone there as the great tasty strawberry incident of 2010 … I’m not going to link to it, but trust me, it’s worth your time to track it down 😉

At her last shoot in Vegas, she put on her favorite pair of rabbit ears, got a pile of carrots and put it all together in what she has called her “Carrot Gangbang.” Read all about it on her blog!

Just so everyone knows, these pics are “behind the scenes” and not from the final scene. Aaliyah likes to share a more intimate look at her shoots sometimes and her fans (me included) love it!

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