All Tied Up – A Fantasy

Aaliyah Love didn’t realize the new level of the games they were playing when her best girlfriend tied her up for a little afternoon playtime. But Aaliyah started to understand when her GF put her gag in and told her that she was going to the mall for some much needed shopping. When she saw the hint of panic in Aaliyah’s eyes, her GF just laughed and said, “Oh honey, you have no idea what’s going to happen next! But, I’m putting this camera here in the corner so we can watch it again and again.”

Then, her GF turned and walked out of the bedroom.

Aaliyah lay there for what seemed like an eternity. Her GF had turned the clock around so she had no idea how much time had passed. She heard the door open, and could only wonder who was coming for her and what they would do to her. The anticipation was overwhelming, tinged with an edge of fear. That’s when she saw her two Japanese neighbors, Yuki and Suki, peek in the doorway. Yuki giggled and walked in the bedroom slapping a riding crop against her palm. Suki, silent little Suki, came in after, casually twirling a Hello Kitty pink silk rope whip.

Aaliyah’s breathing grew faster and faster and she could already feel her pussy growing wetter …

What happened next? Maybe I’ll share the rest of the story one of these days.

(This story is fiction … but I bet Aaliyah wishes it would come true!)

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