What Firefly should have been

Had a little conversation with Aaliyah Love last night about one of our very favorite shows, Firefly, and how awesome it would have been if it had been on HBO like our current favs True Blood and Game of Thrones.

Of course while we’re having this talk, I couldn’t help but imagine Aaliyah in the various roles … and I ended up confident she would be best in the role of the ambassador, the companion Inara Serra. Now I know, Aaliyah is blond and Inara is brunette, but Aaliyah definitely exudes the same sexual confidence that Inara has and they’re both drop dead gorgeous!

Plus, the scene where Inara is brushing Kaylee’s hair just got a whole lot more yummy!


2 thoughts on “What Firefly should have been

  1. Inara? No way…she totally would’ve been Kaylee.

    Anyplace would’ve been better than Fox. AMC or FX would make a great home for it now. I don’t trust SyFy too much anymore. Too much other crap.

    • I thought about Kaylee too, but you know, I just can’t see high heels like Aaliyah loves in the engine room! So I had to go with Inara instead, but I think we can all agree that either one would be perfect!

      And I totally agree, anywhere but Fox would have been better. But I would love to see how HBO could handle a Whedon show!

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