Get Your Perv Fix in Aaliyah Love’s Store

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There’s a lot to love about being a member of Aaliyah Love’s Official Site, but one of the best things you get is easy access and a 25 percent discount on all of the items in Aaliyah Love’s store!

You might want a signed copy of her three smut mags … Aaliyah Love was a Barely Legal and a Live Young Girls cover girl and she was in Tight too … or maybe you want a pair of freshly cummed in Aaliyah Love panties. The slideshow above features pics from each of those layouts. You’ll also find socks, stockings, dresses, lingerie and more.

I’ve personally purchased several pairs of panties from Aaliyah and I can attest that they all arrived fresh, still wet and scented by Aaliyah’s sweet pussy!

My favorite pair were actually a birthday present from Aaliyah. We were on cam and Aaliyah said she had a special surprise for me, so she took a little time to stuff her panties into her pussy for me, all the while teasing me and telling me how good it felt as it filled her up! Once fully stuffed, she got out one of her favorite vibrating toys and brought herself to multiple full on body rocking orgasms.

When she was done cumming and shivering, she let me watch as she pulled her cum soaked panties from her tight pussy (there’s always a second where I’m scared they’re gonna get stuck!) and then she double ziplock bagged them for me right there on the spot. Within a few days, I was able to bury my face in that pair of panties and breathe in the sweet smell of Aaliyah’s pussy all for myself.

Of course, we had to do another cam show that very night as Aaliyah was deeply interested in what I was going to do with her panties. Yeah, she’s totally a perv, but that story is just for me and Aaliyah 😉

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