Cheki Shoot Today

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Do you cheki? Do you even know what cheki is? Well, it’s a Japanese photography trend that basically takes the old-style Polaroid instant camera and turns it up to 11! You can read a little about the new trend here and you can get your own Cheki on Amazon if you want to see what it’s all about.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m talking about this Japanese photo trend on, but I think the answer is kinda obvious. That’s right, my favorite girl is shooting her second set of naughty Lolita chekis with American cheki auteur Cheki Noir.

This time, I’ve commissioned three of Cheki’s shots for my personal Aaliyah Love smut collection. I enjoy Cheki’s blog the way I enjoy all naked pics of my fav girl, but I admit there’s something nostalgic about his work. It does remind me of a simpler time when porn was something you could hold onto instead of something you watched on the internet. Not that I’m saying the good old days were better … after all, the good old days didn’t have Aaliyah Love!

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