Help a Girl with a Puppy and Get Two Special Gifts

If you follow Aaliyah Love on Twitter (and why wouldn’t you?!?), you’ve probably heard that last Sunday she got one of the cutest dogs on the planet, a dog that at this time still has no name! Aaliyah has a lot on her mind lately, since she’s getting ready to move into a new apartment and has to face all of the drama that goes along with that and with getting a new dog.

So, Aaliyah is looking for a little help getting all set up with her puppy while she focuses on getting ready to move. She’s offered a one-month membership to her official site and a pair of her sweet, sweet panties to anyone who purchases one of the these 3 items from her Amazon Wish List: the Pet Gear crate, the Argo Petaboard Carrier, or the Precious Cargo Carrier. Each of these items is for her new puppy, so be a hero and help a sweet girl and a cute puppy.

Just to give you an idea of what the panty portion of the prize could be like, here’s a few of my favorite panty pictures from Aaliyah’s Official Site! And for you lucky guys who are already members of her site, you can choose any item from her store as your prize!

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