Clone Sex

No, I’m not talking about some crazy sci-fi porn movie, I’m talking about one of Aaliyah Love’s favorite topics to discuss during her ultra-sexy members shows! Aaliyah asks the question, “If you had a clone of yourself, wouldn’t you have it do the dirtiest, nastiest things to you? I mean, you know best how to please yourself, right? I know I would!”

Personally, I’d MUCH rather have an Aaliyah clone than a clone of myself, but as long as we’re talking fantasies, I’d really much rather have about a dozen Aaliyah clones 🙂 Who wouldn’t?!?

This blog post was inspired by the first picture in the gallery above, a pic Aaliyah posted on her Twitter last week. If you’re not following her, you’re missing out on a lot of this hotness! But if you really want the good stuff, you need to join Aaliyah’s official site!

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