Aaliyah Love is a Barbie Girl … a Dirty Anal Barbie Girl!

As an adult member of society, I was never into the idea of anal sex. It just never did it for me … until I saw Aaliyah Love do it for me, that is! Today’s update is, to borrow a term from geek life, EPIC!

The pictures, as you can see in the gallery, are so sugary sweet it’s almost unbearable, but then you get to the video where Aaliyah redefines Ass-to-Mouth Barbie forever! In this update, Aaliyah takes on her biggest toy to date to pump her ass good, and I’ve never seen anything hotter than this. The dirty talk really gets the blood pumping HARD and she can’t help herself as she drools all over those perfect little tits … it’s an update for the ages, and definitely not to be missed!

If you’re all really lucky, maybe I’ll make a teaser video later this week so you’ll get a taste of the perfection you’re missing if you’re not a member of her site!

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