An Ode to Aaliyah Love’s Mouth

I love all of Aaliyah Love’s tight, wet holes, but I admit to a special admiration for her mouth. Lips, throat, tongue … they all work in unison to bring so much pleasure to the world. From dirty talking to pussy licking to deep throating, Aaliyah’s mouth makes magic happen! Today, we’re focusing on her deep throating skills and they are impressive to say the least!

These pics are from four of my favorite scenes, and they each show off her skills, but to really appreciate her talents, you need to watch her in action! There are more than 2,400 minutes of video on Aaliyah’s Official Site, and she’s putting that sexy mouth and all of her other holes to good use in every single one of them!

1 thought on “An Ode to Aaliyah Love’s Mouth

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