Aaliyah Tied Up Alone with Her Toy

Today we got an amazing update from Aaliyah Love shot years ago when she was a brand new teenage model! This set, simply titled Tied Up Solo, features Aaliyah tied and gagged while playing with her toy. I’m sharing a couple of pics from the set here, but there’s also a super hot video to go with it.

Check out my review of today’s update:

I’m really enjoying seeing a different side of your sexy personality in these oldskool bondage shoots. I admit you look really yummy tied up and splayed out for my viewing pleasure, and how nice of your “captor” to leave one hand free, a dildo close by and that sweet pussy exposed for playtime πŸ™‚ The bondage must have made you really horny because I see your creamy pussy juice building up on that toy really fast! And your feet look super yummy too πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the pics from your recent tied up adventures in Vegas honey! Beautiful pics and a super sexy vid.

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