Monday Motivation – Aaliyah Love Goes Wild!

It’s true, even the great webcamslut Aaliyah Love can be driven crazy by the mass of freeloaders on webcam sites! All the requests for “boobs bb” and “show pussy and I private 1 hour” finally sent her right over the edge! Fortunately, Aaliyah had a photographer on hand to document the event.

Aaliyah added this scene to her site as a Friday “bonus” update for her fans, along with a hilarious behind the scenes video. Download all the pics only at her official site!

Tied Up Thursday – Aaliyah Love is Bound for Pleasure

There’s so much obvious evidence all over Aaliyah Love’s website and the internet that she is a dirty girl that it should come as no surprise that every now and then she has to get tied up in the bathtub just to stay out of trouble.

She can struggle all she wants, but at the end of the day, dirty girl Aaliyah Love will always be waiting for you, tied up and ready … on the internet!

Thank You Thursday – Aaliyah Love is All Tied Up and Waiting for You

Fuck yeah we’ve got some hot ass action for you today! Aaliyah Love got tied up for Holly Randall and we’ve got the video! You can see all this plus all of the sexy pictures at Aaliyah’s Official Site … and don’t forget to vote for her in the Miss Free Ones contest when you’re done perving out to her awesome pics and vids!

Aaliyah Love Can’t Help Herself

I’ve seen Aaliyah Love do some crazy stuff on webcam and on her site … shoe fucking, food fucking, panty stuffing … her sexuality has very few limits! Whenever someone is shocked or surprised by her antics, she says with a smile and a wink, “Sorry Daddy I just can’t help myself!” And you can tell by the look of purest glee on her face, that’s the whole truth!

Aaliyah shots these pics with photographer Industry by Rick and they are extremely different from anything else she’s shot! I love seeing my favorite sexy girl through the lens of new photographers who bring a whole new perspective on her beauty and style! The first of these scenes, Tutu, will be going up on Aaliyah’s official site early in March and I can’t wait!

Aaliyah Love is a free spirit, and she puts a big fat smile on my face every day. Join her official site and she’ll do the same for you!

Aaliyah Tied Up Alone with Her Toy

Today we got an amazing update from Aaliyah Love shot years ago when she was a brand new teenage model! This set, simply titled Tied Up Solo, features Aaliyah tied and gagged while playing with her toy. I’m sharing a couple of pics from the set here, but there’s also a super hot video to go with it.

Check out my review of today’s update:

I’m really enjoying seeing a different side of your sexy personality in these oldskool bondage shoots. I admit you look really yummy tied up and splayed out for my viewing pleasure, and how nice of your “captor” to leave one hand free, a dildo close by and that sweet pussy exposed for playtime 🙂 The bondage must have made you really horny because I see your creamy pussy juice building up on that toy really fast! And your feet look super yummy too 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics from your recent tied up adventures in Vegas honey! Beautiful pics and a super sexy vid.

Love in Black & White

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As good as Aaliyah Love looks in color, I love it when she steps outside her comfort zone to try something new … she sprinkles in a healthy diet of what she calls “Art Porn” on her site, and here’s a selection of my favorite Black & White pics! These were shot by a few of Aaliyah’s favorite photographers, including Ric Young, Ryan St. Germain and Jay Allan.

Aaliyah is scheduled to go back to Las Vegas this week to shoot some more smut with St. Germain and Young, so she’ll be adding some more Art Porn to her site real soon!

Hello Kitty Bondage? Sign Me UP!

From last nights highly entertaining Aaliyah Love twitter stream:

“Imagine the possibilities #HelloKitty #kinky #photoshoot #gotmycreativejuicesflowin”

I can only agree 100 percent! Thinking about that got some of my juices going too …