Cylon or Human? Where Does Aaliyah Love fit in BSG?

That’s just one of many burning questions I have when it comes to Aaliyah Love and my love for all things geek. I know my answer already, but I want to hear what you think. And just to spice up the pot, at least one of the commenters, and maybe more, will be selected to win a trial membership into Aaliyah Love’s site so they can do a little more “research” on the subject!

We’ll take comments at least through the holiday weekend, so let us know where you stand … Human or Cylon?

5 thoughts on “Cylon or Human? Where Does Aaliyah Love fit in BSG?

  1. In BSG at a fundamental level there is no difference between Cylons and Humans. The real battle is between those who are dominated by their prejudices which leads to hate and those who can see past their prejudices and can love those “on the other side”. Aaliyah has that kind of smile that says very good things about the type of person she is. So I would say she fits in with those who see themselves as “people” and couldn’t care less about one’s origins.

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