Fuck Yeah Friday – Aaliyah Love has Bedroom Eyes

There’s no doubt that Aaliyah Love has been making the hottest pics and vids of her amazing smut career over the last few months, and it’s paid off with a Twistys Treat of the Month and multiple magazines including Cheri, High Society, Fox and DVDs from Girlfriend Films and more!

And now, it just get better! Aaliyah announced last night that she’s achieving one of her dreams and will be shooting for Penthouse this summer! We here at the Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love Network are all about this … we can’t wait to get our autographed (of course) copy of Penthouse featuring the one and only Aaliyah Love!

These pics are from Aaliyah’s next update at her official site … they were shot by Holly Randall and you can enter a contest to name this scene for Aaliyah at her official blog. But if you’re interested, you can get copies of Aaliyah’s other magazines … and panties, socks and more … from her official store!

Hump Day Vote Day – Get Out the Vote for Aaliyah Love!

Fuck yeah it’s time to get out the vote for Aaliyah Love, America’s favorite webcamslut, in this year’s Miss Free Ones contest! The winner of each category gets a fat stack of cold hard cash, so why not get out and vote for our favorite girl!

Just click on her name, click on each category, and VOTE! It’s easy and it’s your right as a porn fan … Aaliyah needs your vote! Can she count on you?  (Keep scrolling down for more fun.)

If you do, Aaliyah promises to keep doing this:

And this:

So voting for her shouldn’t be a problem, right guys? You get 10 votes a day and voting in the first round continues through April 20th! So vote early and vote often, as long as you vote for Aaliyah Love!

Refrigerated Aaliyah Contest on her Official Blog

Aaliyah Love has done some really fun contests on her blog, and this week she’s running a caption contest! Make her laugh and you could win a prize!

Human or Cylon Winners Announced

It’s time to announce the winners in the Human or Cylon contest and thanks to the quality entries we received, I’m handing out 4 free trial passes to Aaliyah Love’s Official Site! I would have given out five, but sorry spiph, no repeat winners.

Now, as long as you’re reading, I’m gonna give my opinion on the matter. Personally, I’ve got to go Cylon. You’ve seen the sex scenes in BSG where the Cylon’s spine heats up and glows red hot when they’re in the throes of passion? Well, you might not know this if you haven’t been to one of Aaliyah’s shows, but her pussy does the exact same thing, only without the red glow.

Or maybe it’s just because I really want to see some hot Aaliyah on Boomer (Grace Park) action … either way, I have to vote Team Cylon!

But here we go, the winners are: Sean, Guido, Randell and Megate! Congrats to the winners! If you won and I have your email address, look for an email. If you’re on Twitter, I’ll DM or @message you so I can get you your day pass codes!

Cylon or Human? Where Does Aaliyah Love fit in BSG?

That’s just one of many burning questions I have when it comes to Aaliyah Love and my love for all things geek. I know my answer already, but I want to hear what you think. And just to spice up the pot, at least one of the commenters, and maybe more, will be selected to win a trial membership into Aaliyah Love’s site so they can do a little more “research” on the subject!

We’ll take comments at least through the holiday weekend, so let us know where you stand … Human or Cylon?

Sexy Aaliyah Love Pics and a New Contest Coming

This is our 99th post on Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love and we’re super excited that we’ve got these awesome pics taken by Tammy Sands for Aaliyah’s Official Site and Twistys! This was the official update this week at AaliyahLove.com and it is damn yummy. Next week I’ll post a teaser from the really hot solo fingerbang video!

We’re so excited about making our 100th post tomorrow that we’ll be giving away some more free trial memberships to Aaliyah’s Official Site! Make sure you come back to get a chance to win!

Congrats to the Winner!

Congrats to Alex, the winner of the Free Trial Contest to Aaliyah Love’s official site! Membership has it’s privileges … enjoy!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry! I’ve got more trial memberships to give away and I’ll be doing it through this site, my Twitter and my Tumblr. Keep an eye on Twitter for announcements!

Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love Giving Away a One-Day Subscription to AaliyahLove.com!

I want you to win a membership to my site!

You read the headline right! I’ve got a one-day membership to AaliyahLove.com and I’m giving it away this weekend … all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us which post on FuckYeahAaliyahLove.com is your favorite and why. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

I’ll have Aaliyah Love herself pick her favorite comment to receive the free one-day membership to Aaliyah’s official site! We’ll pick a winner Sunday at 7 p.m. EST and contact the winner with his membership code the same day! Make sure you check back Sunday to see if you won, we’ll announce the winner first here on FuckYeahAaliyahLove.com!