Human or Cylon Winners Announced

It’s time to announce the winners in the Human or Cylon contest and thanks to the quality entries we received, I’m handing out 4 free trial passes to Aaliyah Love’s Official Site! I would have given out five, but sorry spiph, no repeat winners.

Now, as long as you’re reading, I’m gonna give my opinion on the matter. Personally, I’ve got to go Cylon. You’ve seen the sex scenes in BSG where the Cylon’s spine heats up and glows red hot when they’re in the throes of passion? Well, you might not know this if you haven’t been to one of Aaliyah’s shows, but her pussy does the exact same thing, only without the red glow.

Or maybe it’s just because I really want to see some hot Aaliyah on Boomer (Grace Park) action … either way, I have to vote Team Cylon!

But here we go, the winners are: Sean, Guido, Randell and Megate! Congrats to the winners! If you won and I have your email address, look for an email. If you’re on Twitter, I’ll DM or @message you so I can get you your day pass codes!

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