Fav Scenes of 2011 – Masturbation Interview

Here’s No. 2 in our look at the top 10 Aaliyah Love Scenes of 2011, “Masturbation Interview!” Aaliyah has done a lot of interviews in her time as the premiere solo girl on the Internet, and most ask the same questions over and over. Questions like, “How did you get into porn?” “What’s your favorite color?” and other equally boring inquiries. But this was something completely different! In this scene, Aaliyah revealed answers to questions like, “How did you discover masturbation and how old were you?” (dirty magazines discovered while babysitting, fifth grade); “What is your (personal) masturbation technique?” (Fingers on her clit, or dildo up her butt with a vibrator on her clit); and “When was your first orgasm?” (again, while babysitting, to a dirty book in a bathroom!).

And this is one of my favorite moments from the video! Just fucking amazing!

Make sure you come back tomorrow as we continue our countdown of the Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love Network’s Top 10 Aaliyah Love Scenes of 2011!

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