Fav Scenes of 2011 – Bathtub, Prom Queen and Pretty Tied Up

We know, technically this entry consists of three scenes, but oh what three scenes they are!  We’re counting down our top scenes from Aaliyah Love’s Official Site in 2011 and this little trilogy of scenes is most satisfying. “Bathtub” gave us something very few people have been lucky enough to see, and I’m not giving it away here. You’ll have to join her site if you want to know what it is!

Next up, we have “Prom Night!” This scene has Aaliyah wearing (and destroying!) her actual prom dress while wearing a tiara like the dirty little princess she is. Aaliyah had so much fun during this shoot, tearing up her stockings and her dress. By the way, you can own this dress!

Finally, “Pretty Tied Up” sees Aaliyah revisiting the bathtub from the first scene, but under VERY different circumstances! This time, she’s tied up and awaiting master’s pleasure, just like a good girl should.

Together or separately, these three scenes are a compelling reason to join Aaliyah Love’s official site!

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