Fav Scenes of 2011 – Making Popcorn and Who’s Your Caddy

Two photo shoots share this spot on our Top 10 Aaliyah Love Scenes of 2011, and both show off Aaliyah’s wicked sense of humor and her perfect body! Aaliyah has always said that she wants to make her fans smile, laugh and cum, and these two scenes are proof!

In “Making Popcorn,” we learn that Aaliyah’s pussy is hotter than we ever knew, while in “Who’s Your Caddy” we get to see Aaliyah’s unique “putting technique.” Both scenes come with video, Popcorn with a masturbation vid and Caddy with a behind the scenes vid where Aaliyah uses her sweet pussy to put the ball in the hole! Excellent scenes well deserving of a spot on our favorites list!

Come back tomorrow for the final day of our 2011 Top Scenes Countdown!

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