Thong Thursday – Aaliyah Love is a Panty Stuffing Schoolgirl

Aaliyah Love lives to fulfill her fan’s fantasies, whether it’s fucking her tight pussy on cam or creating the sexiest, most personalized custom porn you can imagine. In this scene, Aaliyah played the role of the Ass Fuck Schoolgirl, plugging her tight holes and filling her tight pussy with her panties.

Personalized porn is my favorite porn and nobody brings my fantasies to life like Aaliyah Love!

Fetish Friday – Aaliyah Love Fucks Her Favorite Food

In addition to her high quality videos posted almost every week, Aaliyah Love sometimes shoots these more “amateur” style videos. Aaliyah is very experimental when it comes to her videos and playtime, and on this trip to Vegas she “experimented” with one of her favorite foods.

Aaliyah loves toys that are thick, juicy and hard, and she found exactly that in the refrigerator!

Her pussy starts tingling in anticipation of what this new “toy” will feel like!

Each kernel felt so good as they bumped up and down over her clit!

Of course, if you want to see what happened next, you’ll just have to join Aaliyah’s official site!

Fetish Week – Aaliyah Love’s Favorite Salad Dressing

Aaliyah Love always aims to please her fans, and sometimes that means stuffing her pussy full of strange objects … like food. Now personally, I don’t find this so strange, because I believe Aaliyah’s pussy juice is the best flavor enhancer ever!

So as we keep rolling through fetish week here with Aaliyah, here’s a look at our favorite food fucking scene from her official site! Food goes into Aaliyah’s tight holes tasting good, and it comes out tasting even better!

Aaliyah Love Up for an AVN Award

2011 was a big year for Aaliyah Love and all of her fans! She really had a breakout year working with many of the sexiest girls and the best photographers in the industry. To crown the year off, she was nominated for her first AVN Award of her career!

Aaliyah is in Vegas right now, shooting porn with one of her favorite shooters, Ric Young, and tomorrow night she’ll be at the AVN Awards hoping to win the big prize for Best Solo Girl Website. And I’ll be hoping and wishing and keeping my fingers crossed right along with her, though truth be told, Aaliyah DESERVES to win this award. She’s done the best, craziest and sexiest work ever in 2011, and 2012 is going to be even better!

Fav Scenes of 2011 – Making Popcorn and Who’s Your Caddy

Two photo shoots share this spot on our Top 10 Aaliyah Love Scenes of 2011, and both show off Aaliyah’s wicked sense of humor and her perfect body! Aaliyah has always said that she wants to make her fans smile, laugh and cum, and these two scenes are proof!

In “Making Popcorn,” we learn that Aaliyah’s pussy is hotter than we ever knew, while in “Who’s Your Caddy” we get to see Aaliyah’s unique “putting technique.” Both scenes come with video, Popcorn with a masturbation vid and Caddy with a behind the scenes vid where Aaliyah uses her sweet pussy to put the ball in the hole! Excellent scenes well deserving of a spot on our favorites list!

Come back tomorrow for the final day of our 2011 Top Scenes Countdown!

A Sweet Taste of Aaliyah Love

What would you give to taste one sweet strawberry covered in Aaliyah Love’s delicious pussy juice? I know this is a question I’ve asked myself many, many times! I remember this one time I was having a private chat with this dirty girl and she brought in a bowl of strawberries for an after playtime snack, but she just couldn’t help herself! In the middle of our fun, she whipped out a strawberry, stuffed it deep in her tight pussy and shoved it in her mouth while going right back to work with her favorite toy! She told me she wanted me to cum all over that strawberry so she could eat it all up, and even though it was a webcam show, it felt like I was right there with her.

That’s the kind of sexy you get when you play with Aaliyah Love! It’s unpredictable and real … you never know the twists and turns the sexy road will take, but you know it will end with an amazing orgasm!

Aaliyah Love Knows How to Corncob!

We’ve seen Aaliyah Love’s penchant to play with her food in the past, but this week’s update took the delicious fun to a new level of sexy crazy fun! Aaliyah has been showing her fans all about “corncobbing” in her members shows, but I don’t think anyone expected anything like THIS!

These pictures are just the tip of the sexy iceberg, and I’m not talking about the lettuce! There’s an 11 minute video on her official site where we learn all about how good the corn’s bumps and grooves feel rubbing on Aaliyah’s clit, followed by a big time fingerbang orgasm!

Food Fuck Fun with Aaliyah Love

If you’ve paid attention to Aaliyah Love’s career in porn, you know every time she enters the kitchen it’s an adventure in sexiness! On this day, Aaliyah was in the mood for a salad, but the shape of the carrots and cucumbers kept distracting her from food preparation and leading her down a much naughtier path.

Before she was done, all of Aaliyah’s tight holes were filled with produce, including a mind blowing triple penetration sequence … that’s right, I said TRIPLE penetration, all holes filled for her fun and your pleasure!

And just so you know, when she was done playing, Aaliyah did finish that salad and she ate every delicious bit! You can see the full scene now only at her official site!

Who’s Your Caddy?

Just a little sneak peek at next week’s Aaliyah Love update, “Who’s Your Caddy?” You know this is going to be another awesome crazy insertion scene … just look at how she’s holding that club with a purpose!

Strange Insertions and Aaliyah Love

Yesterday we featured Aaliyah Love’s latest adventure in strange insertions, but that wasn’t Aaliyah’s first adventure in putting weird objects in her perfect pussy. Here are two sets Aaliyah shot with ALS Scan – the first scene is one of her very first scenes ever – where she played with some odd toys!

The last three shots are of course from Aaliyah’s official site where she has stuffed her tight little pussy with wooden spoons, fruit, panties, paintbrushes, candy, popsicles, tools and more!