Aaliyah Love Gives Shyla Birthday Orgasms

Twistys has a new site devoted to pairing the sexiest girls in porn together, so of course you know they had to get Aaliyah Love to work her special girl-on-girl magic with one of her favorite beauties, Shyla Jennings! This scene has some of the best girl-girl work you’ll ever see and there’s real chemistry between these two sexy creatures. In fact, I was doing a private show with Aaliyah Sunday night and she admitted that she has something of a real crush on Shyla and she’s always looking for ways to get back together! The dreamy look in Aaliyah’s eyes when she talked about kissing Shyla’s soft lips and tongue told me that she really wasn’t kidding!

If you join Twistys, you get the new site, When Girls Play, as a part of the package … that’s a great deal! There’s also a fucking sexy scene of Aaliyah and Shyla getting it on that you can only see on their respective official sites!

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