Monday Motivation – Video – Aaliyah and Shyla Play on the Couch

So you may have heard about this new site from Twistys, When Girls Play … it’s fucking spectacular and as a Twistys member you get free access! One of the first scenes that went live was this one featuring two of the Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love Network’s top girls Aaliyah Love and Shyla Jennings!

The setup – Aaliyah is delivering flowers to Shyla on her birthday, but a little bad news is all the two need to find a sexy way to cheer each other up.

This video has so much passionate kissing! It’s so obvious how much these two girls are really into each other from the long passionate looks, the multiple orgasms … and did I mention the kissing?!?

Aaliyah showed serious dedication to her craft by making Shyla cum again and again with her soft, velvety tongue and her skillful fingers.

Finally the two ended up cuddling together on the couch as they both shook from the effects of so much hot sex! See this scene and so much more as a member of Twistys!

Fuck Yeah Friday – Aaliyah Love is a Treat Every Day of the Week

So Aaliyah Love is Twistys Treat of the Month for April, but if you ask around to any of the girls she’s fucked on cam or for scenes, Aaliyah is really a treat every day of the week. You should see the video of Aaliyah and Shyla Jennings getting it on for When Girls Play, a Twistys site devoted to the girl-on-girl experience!

Be sure to check out Twistys for all of Aaliyah’s exclusive Treat of the Month scenes and this exclusive scene with Shyla!

Nipple Licking Good with Aaliyah Love

Some girls have all the fun … and all of the girls who’ve had the chance to lick, nibble and FUCK Aaliyah Love definitely fall into that category! Of course, Aaliyah was enjoying herself too with Ariel Spinner, Ariel Rebel, Kaylee Love, Veronica Ricci and Shyla Jennings!

Here are some of my favorite girl on girl nipple licking/sucking/cupping/worshiping pictures from Aaliyah’s official site … oh and that last pic is from Aaliyah’s exclusive scene on When Girls Play, a new site free for all members of Twistys!

Aaliyah Love Gives Shyla Birthday Orgasms

Twistys has a new site devoted to pairing the sexiest girls in porn together, so of course you know they had to get Aaliyah Love to work her special girl-on-girl magic with one of her favorite beauties, Shyla Jennings! This scene has some of the best girl-girl work you’ll ever see and there’s real chemistry between these two sexy creatures. In fact, I was doing a private show with Aaliyah Sunday night and she admitted that she has something of a real crush on Shyla and she’s always looking for ways to get back together! The dreamy look in Aaliyah’s eyes when she talked about kissing Shyla’s soft lips and tongue told me that she really wasn’t kidding!

If you join Twistys, you get the new site, When Girls Play, as a part of the package … that’s a great deal! There’s also a fucking sexy scene of Aaliyah and Shyla getting it on that you can only see on their respective official sites!

Aaliyah and Shyla Shooting Again Today!

I know it hasn’t been long since the last time I posted some pics of Aaliyah Love and Shyla Jennings playing together, but I’ve got a good reason. They’re shooting again today! That means more kissing … more licking … more amazing REAL orgasms from both of these sexy girls!

Aaliyah has really been spoiling her fans with all of the sexy girl-on-girl action she’s been shooting this year, and thank god she’s going to keep it going! There’s never been a better time to be a member of her official site!

Yay Titty Tuesday!

For this Titty Tuesday we’ve got Aaliyah Love and Shyla Jennings separate and together having a dildo fight! En garde!

The Things I Want to See Aaliyah Love Do to You, Part 1: Ariel

If you keep up with the Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love Network at all, you know that Aaliyah Love has been pulling some real quality poon! There’s almost too many to name, but Ariel Rebel, Charity Bangs, Veronica Avluv, Sindee Jennings, Kaylee Hilton, Vicki Chase, Brittney Banxxx, Dani Daniels, and Shyla Jennings … yeah, a lot of quality on that list!

But, you should also know that Aaliyah is not content with what she has done in the past and she’s always on the lookout for new girls to kiss/touch inappropriately/molest!

So this week I’m running down my top 5 girls that I want to see Aaliyah Love molest!

At No. 5, I present to you Ariel Rebel! Yes, this is kind of a cheat, since Ariel and Aaliyah have been together for two scenes on their sites. BUT, and this is a pretty big but, these scenes are only pictures and behind the scenes video. Since we do have pics, I can’t justify putting Ariel higher on this list, but this is no a reflection of where she is on my list of favorite girls. If we didn’t have pics, I can almost guarantee that this pairing would be much higher on the list!

So at No. 5, I’m saying, Aaliyah, Ariel, get back together and bring us your smoldering looks, tight bodies and dirty dirty bilingual dirty talk to video! Aaliyah knows a couple of phrases in French that I would love to hear her say to Ariel … so girls, make this happen!

Aaliyah and Dani Sharing Sexy Moments

If you follow Aaliyah Love on Twitter, you know that she’s been pulling a LOT of hot poon lately! 2011 has been a banner year for Aaliyah’s girl on girl perversion, and we’ve shared a lot of it here with you, from Ariel Rebel to Shyla Jennings to Charity Bangs and many others!

Today, however, I’ve got a couple of sweet pics from Aaliyah’s latest girl/girl scene with the beautiful and delicious (Aaliyah’s exact words, by the way) Dani Daniels! I shamelessly borrowed these pics from Dani’s very entertaining blog where you can keep up with all of her latest naked pics! Since there aren’t any naked pics from this scene floating around yet, I had to include a pic of Aaliyah from a shoot with Tammy Sands, who was also the photographer of the Aaliyah/Dani goodness! Tammy shot all of this action for Twistys, but of course it’s going to be on Aaliyah’s official site because she always puts her fans first! Or, well, second … right after the girl she’s fucking and licking!

Aaliyah and Shyla, Friends with Benefits Video

This video doesn’t exist

Well, this has been a sexy week thanks to Wednesday’s Aaliyah Love/Shyla Jennings girl-on-girl lickfest! To keep the fun going, here’s a little teaser video to let you know what you’re missing if you’re not a member!

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my bunk.

Aaliyah Love and Shyla Jennings Solo Pics

So in addition to their stunning lick fest pics that we featured in yesterday’s update, Aaliyah Love and Shyla Jennings both posted full solo photo sets with their new scene. You all know Aaliyah is my favorite girl, but that Shyla … damn, that girls got a little something something! I like these two together, especially the way they lick and kiss in the video. Maybe I’ll do a video teaser of Aaliyah and Shyla together for tomorrow’s Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love update, that would be HOT!