Fetish Week – Mistress Aaliyah Love is NOT Pleased

We posted one picture from this set on our Tumblr last week and got so many responses on our Twitter that we had to revisit this scene here on the Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love Network! Aaliyah Love doesn’t break out the leather often, but when she does, it is something special to see!

You know when a girl gets a look like this on her face, there’s only one way to fix it … retail therapy! Better get Aaliyah something off of her wishlist real fast if you want to see that beautiful smile again!

These pics were taken as part of a custom video she shot for one of Aaliyah’s fans, so no one has seen that video but that one lucky guy. Thankfully, we all got to see these sexy pics. This is the beginning of Fetish Week here on our blog, so keep coming back for more fetishy fun all week!

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