Monday Motivation – Aaliyah Love Fucks Smores Girl Dani Jensen

Aaliyah Love was diligently answering emails for work when little miss Dani Jensen came to her door selling delicious home made Smores. Everyone knows Aaliyah has a sweet tooth when it comes to pretty girls, but it wasn’t the Smores she wanted to taste.

It wasn’t long until Aaliyah had Dani’s panties around her ankles and her tongue buried in that sweet little pussy. They took turns licking and toying each other before finishing off with hot scissoring action.

Aaliyah and Dani have shot together a few times since this scene, most recently for Penthouse!

Titty Tuesday – Aaliyah Love’s Titties Go Back to the Future

Some of Aaliyah Love’s best photoshoots are the result of weeks and months of work and preparation … others come about by sheer happenstance. Like this scene, when a friend of a friend out of the blue offered up a vintage DeLorean for Aaliyah’s artistic Back to the Future set.

Thong Thursday – Aaliyah Love in Black Thong, Garter and Stockings

Aaliyah Love’s body is a work of art, and she’s been highlighted on seven times! If you’re a fan of stockings, this might be the site for you! Of course, if you’re a fan of Aaliyah Love, you already know where you can see more of her.

Tied Up Thursday – Aaliyah Love is Bound for Pleasure

There’s so much obvious evidence all over Aaliyah Love’s website and the internet that she is a dirty girl that it should come as no surprise that every now and then she has to get tied up in the bathtub just to stay out of trouble.

She can struggle all she wants, but at the end of the day, dirty girl Aaliyah Love will always be waiting for you, tied up and ready … on the internet!

Titty Tuesday – Aaliyah Love Lotions Up Her Perfect Tits For Your Pleasure

Aaliyah Love’s perfect natural tits are one of my favorite features of her tight petite body. And when Aaliyah decides to pull out her lotion and slick them up, they look even better glistening under the lights!

Lotion is probably number 2 on my list of favorite things I like to see on Aaliyah’s perfect tits, right behind drool and just barely ahead of baby oil. You can see all three on Aaliyah’s official site!

Fuck Yeah Friday – Aaliyah Love Goes Bananas For You

Aaliyah Love is a high volume masturbator, and when her toys run out of batteries, she’s always looking for new and different ways to stimulate that perfect pussy! On this day, all Aaliyah had at hand was a banana, but she didn’t let that stop her from getting down and dirty!

Aaliyah Love just can’t help it, she’s a dirty girl!

Fuck Yeah Hump Day – Aaliyah Love Gets Some Good Girl Loving

Would you believe it’s been almost a year since the first scene of Aaliyah Love and Ariel Rebel making sweet girl on girl love went live on Aaliyah’s official site? It seems like just yesterday that these two young, nubile sexy bodies were getting to know each other in the most intimate of ways!

I really hope they get to shoot again in 2012! The world needs another Aaliyah on Ariel meeting of the tongues!

Fuck Yeah Hump Day – Aaliyah Love Anal Pleasure

It’s true that a lot of girls don’t enjoy anal sex … but thank god that Aaliyah Love is not most girls! Aaliyah is an all holes in play kind of girl, and she has a lot of toys that are just for her cute round booty!

I love it when she toys her booty on webcam and screams, “Fuck my ass, fill my tight little ass up with your hot dirty cum!” Mmmmm it doesn’t get any better than that!

Fetish Week – A Foot Job From a Dirty Angel Named Aaliyah Love

Aaliyah Love’s body is made of some dangerous and beautiful curves, from head to toe. This scene is centered around some of our favorite curves, the delicate soles and arches of Aaliyah’s perfect size 6 feet!

Aaliyah tied her stocking tight around her ankles and lubed her feet up just right so your cock would slip in and out just right … like a dream!

Fetish Week – Mistress Aaliyah Love is NOT Pleased

We posted one picture from this set on our Tumblr last week and got so many responses on our Twitter that we had to revisit this scene here on the Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love Network! Aaliyah Love doesn’t break out the leather often, but when she does, it is something special to see!

You know when a girl gets a look like this on her face, there’s only one way to fix it … retail therapy! Better get Aaliyah something off of her wishlist real fast if you want to see that beautiful smile again!

These pics were taken as part of a custom video she shot for one of Aaliyah’s fans, so no one has seen that video but that one lucky guy. Thankfully, we all got to see these sexy pics. This is the beginning of Fetish Week here on our blog, so keep coming back for more fetishy fun all week!