Hump Day Hottie – Aaliyah Love the 18-Year-Old Lolita

Let’s take a step back in our time machine to the time when a barely legal beauty named Aaliyah Love first dipped her sexy toes into the world of porn. Oh what a glorious day it was too. Shooting for ALS under the pseudonym “Molly,” Aaliyah shot some blistering hot scenes!

I think the most amazing thing about Aaliyah is that she’s just gotten better and better, hotter and hotter, sexier and sexier every day since her first shoot. ALS got her first, and if you want all of Aaliyah’s porn, it’s a vital piece of your collection!

Aaliyah Love Gets it on Like Donkey Kong!

Because it’s Thursday … and because I love Aaliyah Love … and because I love video games … um, do I really need a reason to post sexy pics of my favorite girl? I don’t think so! This scene, shot for ALS is one of my favorites for combining classic videogames and classic beauty! Aaliyah has been flirting with shooting for ALS again, and I think that’s a great idea, for obvious reasons!

One 0f Aaliyah’s favorite expressions is “It’s on like Donkey Kong” and you can see in these pics, she knows exactly what she’s talking about!

By the way, Aaliyah’s videos for ALS are some of her sexiest work … check out this teaser and you’ll see what I mean!

Aaliyah toys and cums for ALS Scan

This video doesn’t exist

Aaliyah Love is a woman of few nicknames, but once upon a time, she was known as Molly … Princess Molly Star for some of her fetish clips and just Molly for several scenes she shot for ALS Scan. If you’re not familiar with ALS, it stands for All Ladies Shaved, an apt description for Aaliyah at this time in her career.

If you’ve never seen the work she did for ALS, you may not recognize her at first … after all, these are the only scenes she’s shot as a brunette! She looks fabulous and she brings amazing energy to these vids. I really recommend watching all the way through, the last few seconds of the video are Fuck Yeah Awesome!