Aaliyah Love Makes Parking Sexy

Every time Aaliyah Love goes to Vegas it seems like she does something a little crazier than the last time. And she goes to Vegas a LOT, so it’s getting pretty crazy! Like this scene … Aaliyah had just arrived at her hotel to shoot some hot porn and had the idea, why not walk around the parking garage naked with my photographer?

Well, the results, as you can see, are fantastic! This scene posted on Aaliyah’s Official Site this week!

Aaliyah Love Gets Naked in the Parking Garage

It’s no secret that Aaliyah Love isn’t shy … after all, she makes her living showing off her naked, tight body every day! But you just don’t understand how much of an exhibitionist she is until you see stripping down to just her socks and tennis shoes in a Las Vegas parking garage! Yeah, it’s kinda crazy … crazy SEXXXY!

Tomorrow, Aaliyah is posting a new public nudity scene from Vegas and I’ve heard stories about how they almost got caught! Aaliyah is definitely my favorite kind of dirty girl and I love the way she has naked fun for all of her fans!

Playing Naked in the Parking Garage

It’s no secret that Aaliyah Love likes to live on the edge. All you’ve got to do is see some of her outdoor shoots and the crazy things she does on webcam to know that she enjoys taking things to the extreme. This scene, shot early last year in Vegas, is a prime example!

Ever since I first saw these pics, every time I’m in a parking garage I take a little extra time looking around just in case Aaliyah is there, getting naked for all the world to see!

Las Vegas Dreaming

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I’m planning a Vegas vacation for later this year, but no matter how much fun I have, I guarantee I won’t have a sexy time like Aaliyah Love has whenever she goes to the City of Sin!

Everytime she visits Las Vegas she always ends up getting naked in public! Gotta love her for it too, because she ALWAYS gets pictures to share with her fans! Here are some pics from a shoot she did with FTV a few years back and some from her first shoot with Ric Young. I hope I’m lucky enough to go to Vegas with Aaliyah one day! Don’t you?