Titty Tuesday – 18-Year-Old Aaliyah Love’s Schoolgirl Tits

18-year-old Aaliyah Love was already a stunning model when she went to work for ALS Scan. While she’s just getting better and better every day, she started out as this little Lolita schoolgirl!

Those perfect little 18-year-old tits are the perfect centerpiece for this Titty Tuesday!

No Candy, No Problem! Aaliyah Love gets Treats for Halloween!

This video doesn’t exist

Every time Aaliyah Love takes a shortcut, something seems to go wrong … but then things suddenly seem to go RIGHT! If you get a chance to Trick or Treat, wouldn’t it be awesome to go on a shortcut with Aaliyah and have something like this happen? I know it makes me look forward to Halloween every year!

Aaliyah gets to fuck the hottest girls all year long, not just on Halloween, and thank god she gets all the action on camera for her fans!

Halloween Lesbians Get Tricks and Treats

For some reason, every time Aaliyah Love takes a shortcut something sexy happens. Come to think of it, every time she dresses up like a girl scout something sexy happens. Well, pretty much every time Aaliyah does ANYTHING something sexy happens, so thank god there’s usually a camera around to catch the action! Like these shots from Halloween with Ashley, Aaliyah tried a shortcut and came across a cave and a real live ghost!

The ghost wanted to scare the girls out of their candy, but then he decided just to watch them lick pussy instead! That’s a big win for all of us!

Aaliyah Love and Friend having Schoolgirl Fun After Class

It’s October and school is back in session for good and dirty girls alike! Some days after class, when there’s nothing on TV and homework is too boring, dirty little schoolgirls like Aaliyah Love and Ariel Spinner like to take a break, spread their legs and get out their toys and tongues to play some sexy games.

This isn’t where Aaliyah caught yellow fever, but it was her first shoot playing with a sexy little Asian girl on camera. I clearly remember her talking about how much fun she had shooting these scenes and how much she couldn’t wait to fuck another one! Fortunately for her fans, she’s always ready to share her girl on girl action!

Custom Porn? Hell Yes!

One of my favorite parts of being a member of Aaliyah Love’s site has been the opportunity to get to know the sexy girl and having her shoot custom porn just for me! Next to a private cam show with real 1-on-1 interaction, custom porn is really the next best thing to being there with my favorite girl!

When you work with Aaliyah on a custom scene, it’s a very intimate process. You help her pick out the outfit, choose the toys she uses, write the lines … it’s a lot like creating your own porn blockbuster. The end result is much more satisfying, though, as Aaliyah does her thing, moans your name and tells you exactly what she wants you to do!

Enjoy these pics from some of Aaliyah’s favorite custom scenes and imagine the dirty things she’s saying in the videos that only one lucky guy will ever get to see!

The Little Lost Girl Scout Earns Her Navigation Badge

This video doesn’t exist

What happens when Girl Scout Aaliyah Love gets lost in the woods trying to earn her navigation badge? You’ll just have to watch and see!

This is one of the most popular scenes from Aaliyah’s Official Site! There’s a 16 minute video and 81 naughty pictures to enjoy from this scene that’s rated an awesome 9.88 out of 10 by her fans!

Some comments on the scene:

“This one REALLY makes me feel pervy getting off to it, but when there’s a little girl scout as slutty and willing as you, how can I possibly resist?”

“It did look like you had a lot of fun shooting this. Now, what would you do if I promised to buy all of your cookies?”

“I like a girl who knows how to flaunt her sex appeal and Aaliyah ass gives me wood every time.”

Really sexy stuff!