Masturbation Thursday – Aaliyah Love Puts Her Ass on the Line

Every week Aaliyah Love puts her ass on the line to make her fans cum harder than ever before! Only, it’s not just that ass … it’s her entire sweet body.

Aaliyah’s style of masturbation instruction is best described as “hands on.” If you want to know more, you need to sign up for her official site and check out all of her instruction videos.

Fetish Week – Aaliyah Love Tells You How to Stroke Your Cock

The truth is, masturbation is something that comes natural to all of us, Aaliyah Love especially! But not only is Aaliyah adept at stroking her own pussy, she’s also got a special talent when it comes to telling horny pervs how to stroke it for maximum pleasure!

There are four masturbation instruction scenes on Aaliyah’s official site … these pics are from the latest scene, Aaliyah’s most advanced instruction class yet. It’s not easy following the instructions and keeping your cum from firing out to Aaliyah’s special brand of dirty talk, but if you hold on and do exactly as she says, the rewards are fucking amazing!

Fav Scenes of 2011 – Masturbation Instruction: Fourth Class

No top 10 list of Aaliyah Love scenes from 2011 would be complete without a masturbation instruction video, and this one was definitely our favorite! Just look at that beautiful booty shaking going on below and imagine Aaliyah telling you how to stroke your cock while she toys her pussy and cums for you!

Aaliyah’s ass is PERFECT in this and every other scene on her site, but this scene is one of our favs for many reasons. We love the way she gives instructions, we love the way she shakes that ass, we love the way she counts down to her body quaking orgasm, and we love Aaliyah Love!

Learning How to Please Aaliyah Love

When you’re with a porn star like Aaliyah Love, it’s very important that you please them! Fortunately, Aaliyah gives you very clear instructions on how to accomplish that lofty goal with her many masturbation instruction scenes on her site. This newest scene posted just yesterday and it’s one of the cutest and dirtiest scenes you’ve ever laid your eyes on!

Aaliyah Love Rocking the Pink and Showing it Off!

Aaliyah Love shows off her sexy pink in every scene on her site, but this scene, “Show Me Your Pink,” has more than usual on display! From the wig, to the panties, to that sweet, delicious pussy, all of Aaliyah’s pink is spread for you in this scene.

This is one of a few scenes where Aaliyah takes advantage of a prop that isn’t a sex toy. I love the mirror play that adds a sexy layer of tease that you don’t usually get in a masturbation instruction scene, but Aaliyah Love always goes the extra mile to bring something extra for her fans!

Stroke it the Aaliyah Love Way!

When it comes to masturbation, Aaliyah Love is a professional … she gets paid to play with that perfect pussy! But, one thing she’s REALLY GOOD at is telling her fans how to stroke it for maximum pleasure while she’s playing. On her site you’ll find quite a few pic and vid sets of Masturbation Instruction. You may not think you need someone to tell you how to masturbate, but trust me, the results are AMAZING! Ok, I cheated a little … the first pics aren’t technically from a Masturbation Instruction scene. They’re from an Anal Instruction scene. I didn’t think anyone would mind!

Oh yeah, there’s a brand spanking new Masturbation Instruction scene coming next week!