Aaliyah Love Plays With Her Friend Mr. Sybian

Aaliyah Love has a lot of toys to play with, but none make her cum quite like her friend Mr. Sybian. Aaliyah has literally forgotten where she was while riding a wave of orgasms on this fuck machine! It doesn’t just vibrate, it also rotates, and the sensations inside Aaliyah’s tight little pussy are almost more than she can handle!

Aaliyah brought out the sybian for a memorable members show where she got close to full power, orgasmed about 10 times in quick succession, then collapsed against her mirror, shaking and moaning, barely able to remember her name, much less that she was on webcam in front of hundreds of her fans!

It was a damn good time for all!

Aaliyah toys and cums for ALS Scan

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Aaliyah Love is a woman of few nicknames, but once upon a time, she was known as Molly … Princess Molly Star for some of her fetish clips and just Molly for several scenes she shot for ALS Scan. If you’re not familiar with ALS, it stands for All Ladies Shaved, an apt description for Aaliyah at this time in her career.

If you’ve never seen the work she did for ALS, you may not recognize her at first … after all, these are the only scenes she’s shot as a brunette! She looks fabulous and she brings amazing energy to these vids. I really recommend watching all the way through, the last few seconds of the video are Fuck Yeah Awesome!

Aaliyah Love is a Very Nosy Maid

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One of my favorite things about Aaliyah Love – and as you may have figured out, that’s a REALLY long list – is that no matter how much she tries to clean up, she can’t help being a dirty girl! So when he recently took a job as a maid, she forgot her panties and she couldn’t help being nosy … and just look at what she found! A sybian!

Aww yeah, I just love the way that sybian rocks her whole body and brings her to body quaking orgasms … I think you’ll like it too! Aaliyah’s even been known to bring the sybian in for her epic camshows, both for members of her site and private shows. If you really want to see how hard the hottest girl ever can cum, these shows are not to be missed!

Sybian Time for Aaliyah Love

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Aaliyah Love plays with a lot of toys on her site, but I don’t think any of them have ever made her cum as hard as her sybian. Of course, sitting on a vibrating, rotating engine can do that to a girl!

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything sexier than Aaliyah shuddering and shaking her way through MULTIPLE hard orgasms. Then, when she’s had just about all she can take, when she’s forgotten her name and where she is, she literally flows off the sybian and lies on the floor trying desperately to catch her breath, moaning as the sex quivers through her very being.

And that’s not all, Aaliyah has even been known to break it out during webcam shows for an orgasm or 10 🙂