Fuck Yeah Friday – Aaliyah Love is Our Favorite Dirty Girl

From start to finish, this video from Aaliyah Love illustrates perfectly why she’s our favorite dirty girl. I guess it comes down to how much she really enjoys her work and how hard she gets off for her fans. Aaliyah had so much white creamy cum dripping out of her pussy for this scene it was easy to see how much fun she was having.

The best part? Aaliyah always has a happy ending and gives her fans 100 percent in every scene and webcam show!

Masturbation Thursday – Aaliyah Love Puts Her Ass on the Line

Every week Aaliyah Love puts her ass on the line to make her fans cum harder than ever before! Only, it’s not just that ass … it’s her entire sweet body.

Aaliyah’s style of masturbation instruction is best described as “hands on.” If you want to know more, you need to sign up for her official site and check out all of her instruction videos.

Monday Motivation – Video – Aaliyah and Shyla Play on the Couch

So you may have heard about this new site from Twistys, When Girls Play … it’s fucking spectacular and as a Twistys member you get free access! One of the first scenes that went live was this one featuring two of the Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love Network’s top girls Aaliyah Love and Shyla Jennings!

The setup – Aaliyah is delivering flowers to Shyla on her birthday, but a little bad news is all the two need to find a sexy way to cheer each other up.

This video has so much passionate kissing! It’s so obvious how much these two girls are really into each other from the long passionate looks, the multiple orgasms … and did I mention the kissing?!?

Aaliyah showed serious dedication to her craft by making Shyla cum again and again with her soft, velvety tongue and her skillful fingers.

Finally the two ended up cuddling together on the couch as they both shook from the effects of so much hot sex! See this scene and so much more as a member of Twistys!

Tied Up Thursday – Aaliyah Love Restrained for Your Good Times

Aaliyah Love has been getting tied up a lot lately, and her fans really love it. There’s just something about a sweet, innocent (yeah right!) princess all bound and awaiting her master’s pleasure. At the end of this scene, however, Aaliyah breaks free and you just know she’s going to have her fun too!

Thong Thursday – Aaliyah Love in Black and White

We’re going oldskool for today’s sexy peek at Aaliyah Love … she shot this scene on a whim one day in Vegas. A fan was blowing her hair and she was looking so good in her black and white tank top and skirt.

A short skirt that couldn’t help but show off her tiny little cotton thong underneath. Aaliyah teased and teased before taking it off to show her sweet shaved peach!

Hump Day Vote Day – Get Out the Vote for Aaliyah Love!

Fuck yeah it’s time to get out the vote for Aaliyah Love, America’s favorite webcamslut, in this year’s Miss Free Ones contest! The winner of each category gets a fat stack of cold hard cash, so why not get out and vote for our favorite girl!

Just click on her name, click on each category, and VOTE! It’s easy and it’s your right as a porn fan … Aaliyah needs your vote! Can she count on you?  (Keep scrolling down for more fun.)

If you do, Aaliyah promises to keep doing this:

And this:

So voting for her shouldn’t be a problem, right guys? You get 10 votes a day and voting in the first round continues through April 20th! So vote early and vote often, as long as you vote for Aaliyah Love!

Friday Fun – Give a Little, Get a Lot with Aaliyah Love

If you’re like me, and I know a lot of you pervs are, you love cute girls that get really nasty! And they don’t cum any cuter or nastier than Aaliyah Love! Check her out all innocent with her pigtails, Hello Kitty dress and socks. But you know she’s just aching to tear those clothes off and toy her pussy to an amazing orgasm!

This scene went live on Aaliyah’s official site this week!

Fetish Week – Aaliyah Love Tells You How to Stroke Your Cock

The truth is, masturbation is something that comes natural to all of us, Aaliyah Love especially! But not only is Aaliyah adept at stroking her own pussy, she’s also got a special talent when it comes to telling horny pervs how to stroke it for maximum pleasure!

There are four masturbation instruction scenes on Aaliyah’s official site … these pics are from the latest scene, Aaliyah’s most advanced instruction class yet. It’s not easy following the instructions and keeping your cum from firing out to Aaliyah’s special brand of dirty talk, but if you hold on and do exactly as she says, the rewards are fucking amazing!

Aaliyah Love Can’t Help Herself

I’ve seen Aaliyah Love do some crazy stuff on webcam and on her site … shoe fucking, food fucking, panty stuffing … her sexuality has very few limits! Whenever someone is shocked or surprised by her antics, she says with a smile and a wink, “Sorry Daddy I just can’t help myself!” And you can tell by the look of purest glee on her face, that’s the whole truth!

Aaliyah shots these pics with photographer Industry by Rick and they are extremely different from anything else she’s shot! I love seeing my favorite sexy girl through the lens of new photographers who bring a whole new perspective on her beauty and style! The first of these scenes, Tutu, will be going up on Aaliyah’s official site early in March and I can’t wait!

Aaliyah Love is a free spirit, and she puts a big fat smile on my face every day. Join her official site and she’ll do the same for you!

Aaliyah Love in her Room – Hotness from Oldskool Scene

Aaliyah Love’s site has been getting hotter and hotter from day one, and when a site starts as hot as Aaliyah’s did, that’s a lot of sexy! Just look at how adorable Aaliyah was in this scene, one of the first to ever post on her site. This toy made its way into a lot of Aaliyah’s early scenes (and a lot of her tight, wet holes)!

I love seeing the oldskool sexy and seeing how far she’s come. There’s tens of thousands of sexy pics on Aaliyah’s site and thousands of minutes of video! Check it all out at her official site!