Webcamslut Aaliyah Love Shows Off Her Perfect Pink

Here’s part 2 from Wednesday night’s Gothic/Lolita Sexplosion members show with Aaliyah Love! That’s right, she got her biggest, thickest glass toy and showed off her perfect pink for all her members to enjoy!

I love it when she slowly slides it out and you can see just how pink and juicy that tight little pussy is! It didn’t take Aaliyah long to cum … in fact, she came four times during the show. I told you it was gonna be a Sexplosion!

Aaliyah Love is a Naughty Gothic/Lolita Webcamslut

Aaliyah Love did a very special members show this week, rushing straight home after her shoot with Cheki Noir in her Gothic/Lolita dress and wig to put on one helluva sexy show! You can’t see in this gif, but Aaliyah is rolling commando and horny as fuck 🙂 Later on I’ll post a gif that will put her horniness on full display as she uses her biggest glass toy to tease and fuck and show off her perfect pink pussy … YUMMY!

What Makes Aaliyah Love the Best Cam Slut?

I’ve often been asked what is it that makes you such a big fan of Aaliyah Love! I think the best answer to this question comes straight from Aaliyah herself:

“I do anything YOU tell me to do like a good webcam slut! 🙂 We can act out YOUR FANTASIES, no matter what they may be!

My audio is ALWAYS ON so turn those speakers up, get your cock out+lets have some fun! 🙂 Plz add me 2 ur favs if u like me :)”

Aww yeah, it doesn’t get any better than that! And with the new Party Chat feature at, you can get an amazing live sex show from Aaliyah Love at a lower price than ever before! $10 for a 10 minute show is as cheap a ticket to paradise as you’ll ever be able to buy! During that 10 minutes, you’ll see Aaliyah fuck every one of her tight, wet holes hard and fast … it is not to be missed!

And one more thing! If you’re a member of Aaliyah’s site, at least once a week she does a members show, free for all of the members of her site, and she’s got one scheduled for tonight at 9 p.m. EST. This is an hour long show that usually features at least 30 minutes of Aaliyah sucking and fucking her toys for all her closest fans. It’s a chance to get to know the real pretty girl and a lot of her fans say it’s their favorite part of being a member!

Hey Aaliyah, Nice Shot!

One of Aaliyah Love’s signature moves is the panty shot! But what happens when her aim is a little *too* good? I think what’s most impressive about this shot is how nonchalant it is … I mean, she’s practically shooting from the hip!

Aaliyah will be on her webcam today to rock your world, why not get a private show with her and ask to see her panty shot … and a whole lot more!

Sailor Aaliyah is Ready to Come for You

Aaliyah Love in her sailor outfit getting ready for a BIG orgasm! From a feature show for members of her site … Aaliyah’s feature shows are what I like to call EPIC! She puts her heart, soul and sweet, tight pussy into every single  show. She opens up her personality, sharing personal stories with her fans, then opens all of her holes for orgasmic fun 🙂

You can also catch Aaliyah on webcam at!

She Licks Those Lips and Off We Go!

Aaliyah Love’s webcam shows are what I like to refer to as EPIC! Just look at how she works the webcam … it’s something to behold! During Wednesday night’s members show, Aaliyah used her Magic Wand for FOUR big orgasms, then rode her big purple suction cup dildo to big O number five. She came, her fans came, everyone came and everyone left happy!

When you get a chance to see Aaliyah on cam, either in a members show or at Streamate, you don’t want to miss out!

Members Show Tonight!

I wonder what kind of sexy Aaliyah Love is planning for tonight’s members show? I just know it will be good! 10 p.m. EST, be there or miss out on the fun!

If you want to see it for free, sign up here … or you can pay per minute here! Trust me, it’s worth it 🙂 I’ll definitely be there!