Titty Tuesday – Aaliyah Love’s Titties Go Back to the Future

Some of Aaliyah Love’s best photoshoots are the result of weeks and months of work and preparation … others come about by sheer happenstance. Like this scene, when a friend of a friend out of the blue offered up a vintage DeLorean for Aaliyah’s artistic Back to the Future set.

Titty Tuesday – A Body of Aaliyah Love Art

As a committed perv, I look at every day as an opportunity to see something new about my favorite Ass Fuck Schoolgirl. But this Tuesday, I’d like us all to look at Aaliyah Love’s tits as less a reason to masturbate furiously and more as the true work of art they are. Oh who am I kidding, go ahead and FAP! You know you want to!

Aaliyah Love Glams it Up in Black & White

Aaliyah Love is a big fan of masturbating on camera, but if you ask her, she’ll tell you that the pretty pictures are her favorite part of the job. And why wouldn’t they be when the results are this spectacular!?!

Ric Young shot this glamorous set, “Movie Star,” in Vegas and they are some of my favorite pics of my favorite girl!