Aaliyah Love Can’t Help Herself

I’ve seen Aaliyah Love do some crazy stuff on webcam and on her site … shoe fucking, food fucking, panty stuffing … her sexuality has very few limits! Whenever someone is shocked or surprised by her antics, she says with a smile and a wink, “Sorry Daddy I just can’t help myself!” And you can tell by the look of purest glee on her face, that’s the whole truth!

Aaliyah shots these pics with photographer Industry by Rick and they are extremely different from anything else she’s shot! I love seeing my favorite sexy girl through the lens of new photographers who bring a whole new perspective on her beauty and style! The first of these scenes, Tutu, will be going up on Aaliyah’s official site early in March and I can’t wait!

Aaliyah Love is a free spirit, and she puts a big fat smile on my face every day. Join her official site and she’ll do the same for you!