The Things I Want to See Aaliyah Love Do to You, Part 1: Ariel

If you keep up with the Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love Network at all, you know that Aaliyah Love has been pulling some real quality poon! There’s almost too many to name, but Ariel Rebel, Charity Bangs, Veronica Avluv, Sindee Jennings, Kaylee Hilton, Vicki Chase, Brittney Banxxx, Dani Daniels, and Shyla Jennings … yeah, a lot of quality on that list!

But, you should also know that Aaliyah is not content with what she has done in the past and she’s always on the lookout for new girls to kiss/touch inappropriately/molest!

So this week I’m running down my top 5 girls that I want to see Aaliyah Love molest!

At No. 5, I present to you Ariel Rebel! Yes, this is kind of a cheat, since Ariel and Aaliyah have been together for two scenes on their sites. BUT, and this is a pretty big but, these scenes are only pictures and behind the scenes video. Since we do have pics, I can’t justify putting Ariel higher on this list, but this is no a reflection of where she is on my list of favorite girls. If we didn’t have pics, I can almost guarantee that this pairing would be much higher on the list!

So at No. 5, I’m saying, Aaliyah, Ariel, get back together and bring us your smoldering looks, tight bodies and dirty dirty bilingual dirty talk to video! Aaliyah knows a couple of phrases in French that I would love to hear her say to Ariel … so girls, make this happen!

Aaliyah Love Visits the Pussy Eating Club

Last week Aaliyah Love took a little time to visit the Pussy Eating Club to shoot some sexy pics and, of course, eat some pussy and get her pussy eaten by the sultry Charity Bangs! Here are a few sneak peeks at the beautiful pictures that came out of this match made in heaven!

Aaliyah toys and cums for ALS Scan

This video doesn’t exist

Aaliyah Love is a woman of few nicknames, but once upon a time, she was known as Molly … Princess Molly Star for some of her fetish clips and just Molly for several scenes she shot for ALS Scan. If you’re not familiar with ALS, it stands for All Ladies Shaved, an apt description for Aaliyah at this time in her career.

If you’ve never seen the work she did for ALS, you may not recognize her at first … after all, these are the only scenes she’s shot as a brunette! She looks fabulous and she brings amazing energy to these vids. I really recommend watching all the way through, the last few seconds of the video are Fuck Yeah Awesome!

Clone Sex

No, I’m not talking about some crazy sci-fi porn movie, I’m talking about one of Aaliyah Love’s favorite topics to discuss during her ultra-sexy members shows! Aaliyah asks the question, “If you had a clone of yourself, wouldn’t you have it do the dirtiest, nastiest things to you? I mean, you know best how to please yourself, right? I know I would!”

Personally, I’d MUCH rather have an Aaliyah clone than a clone of myself, but as long as we’re talking fantasies, I’d really much rather have about a dozen Aaliyah clones πŸ™‚ Who wouldn’t?!?

This blog post was inspired by the first picture in the gallery above, a pic Aaliyah posted on her Twitter last week. If you’re not following her, you’re missing out on a lot of this hotness! But if you really want the good stuff, you need to join Aaliyah’s official site!

Help a Girl with a Puppy and Get Two Special Gifts

If you follow Aaliyah Love on Twitter (and why wouldn’t you?!?), you’ve probably heard that last Sunday she got one of the cutest dogs on the planet, a dog that at this time still has no name! Aaliyah has a lot on her mind lately, since she’s getting ready to move into a new apartment and has to face all of the drama that goes along with that and with getting a new dog.

So, Aaliyah is looking for a little help getting all set up with her puppy while she focuses on getting ready to move. She’s offered a one-month membership to her official site and a pair of her sweet, sweet panties to anyone who purchases one of the these 3 items from her Amazon Wish List: the Pet Gear crate, the Argo Petaboard Carrier, or the Precious Cargo Carrier. Each of these items is for her new puppy, so be a hero and help a sweet girl and a cute puppy.

Just to give you an idea of what the panty portion of the prize could be like, here’s a few of my favorite panty pictures from Aaliyah’s Official Site! And for you lucky guys who are already members of her site, you can choose any item from her store as your prize!

Crime Fighting Just Got Sexy

That’s right, Aaliyah Love single handedly took down a douchebag trying to steal her car today! Tiny little Aaliyah put the fear of god into the wannabe thief, detaining him until the police could arrive and show him off to the friendly confines of state-imposed confinement.

Unfortunately, Aaliyah’s tater tots didn’t survive the encounter.

I don’t have any actual crime fighting pictures of Aaliyah, but I do have sexy pictures, so here’s some of my favs πŸ™‚

What’s in Store for the FYAL Network

So … you’ve all probably guessed by now that I’m a really big fan of Aaliyah Love! I’ve been a member of her site, uninterrupted, for almost three years now and I’m looking forward to many, many more! I’ve been doing private cam shows with her just as long – I did my first show with her right after I joined her site – so I’ve got a pretty good idea of the goodies Aaliyah has to offer πŸ™‚

However, I’m always looking for new ways to promote my favorite girl and spread the Love like Aaliyah spreads those sexy legs!

Right now I’m working on some new ideas that will take the Fuck Yeah Aaliyah Love network to the next level, but for now, here’s some sexy pics πŸ™‚

Sin City Candids

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A few candid pics of sexy Aaliyah Love from her last three days shooting in Vegas! Aaliyah always has fun on her shoots, and here you can see her being the classic pretty girl, planking in her hotel and spending some quality time by the pool waiting for her photographer to arrive!

Twistys Quick Look

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It’s been just over four months since Aaliyah Love shot with Tammy Sands for Twistys, and the first scene has already posted! Aaliyah will be posting these scenes on her site soon, but I couldn’t wait πŸ™‚ Here’s a quick look at the first of these gorgeous pics!

Fun with Cake!

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Last year Aaliyah Love shot with Angela Zodiak for ATK and this scene was far and away my favorite! There’s a video of Aaliyah smashing the cake with her sexy little feet and licking them clean … and then there’s the pink dildo she finds that was left inside the cake just for her! Well, let’s just say the scene gets more and more delicious and mouthwatering as it goes on!

I can’t wait for Aaliyah to update her own site with a little cake smashing video πŸ™‚